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The Dorn Method – Spine Organ Connections


The information presented here is not a proven medical fact and is intended as information reference only.
Different annecdotal evidence collected from actual experience was used to develop this chart and it does not represent a medical anatomical chart.

Dieter Dorn experienced himself in the first years of applying DORN that the Back and Joint Pains of the people that came to him improved or disappeared often very fast but beside that many other ailments that these people had also improved at the same time.

By experience learning from his hands on work and learning more about human anatomy and physiology and the Meridian connection from TCM it became apparent that the re-balancing of certain spinal areas contributed to the improvement of other parts of the body and organs that were connected through the nerves branching from the spinal cord in these respective areas. A fact that was long known by other medical practitioners especially from the fields of Chiro- and Osteopathy.

Knowledge of these connections can help to understand the different results and reactions after a re-balancing of the structures and may be helpful in explaining DORN to Clients/Patients and motivating them to do the necessary Dorn selfhelp measures. Our sytem is a functional unit of hardware and software so to say and one should look at it in a more holistic way, something clearly missing in conventional medicine.

The Chart (see graphic below) is available as download (pdf) and makes a great reference poster and eye-catcher for the therapy sessions.
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dorn spine organs connections


Connections Table: Relationships between Vertebrae-Organs-Physical-Mental-Chakras

Vertebra / Organ Connection / Possible physical problems

C 1 — Head, optical nerve, brain — Headaches, migraines, high blood, chronic tiredness, dizziness, paralysis due to irregular circulation in brain

C 2 — Eyes, tongue, ears, sinuses — Sinus problems, eye trouble, deafness, ear pains

C 3 — Ears, teeth, facial nerves — Pain in face nerves, spots, acne, tinnitus, toothache, bad teeth, Plaque, bleeding gums, neuralgia

C 4 — Nose, mouth, lips, ears, mandibular joint, throat — Constant cold, loss of hearing, chapped lips, cramped lip muscles, adenoids, catarrh

C 5 — Cervical muscles, throat, neck — Hoarseness, sore throat, chronic cold, laryngitis

C 6 — Acromio-clavicular joint, shoulder, tonsils, neck — Tonsillitis, croup, stiff neck, upper arm pains, whooping cough, goiter

C 7 — Thyroid gland, elbow, sterno-clavicular joint — Diseases of the thyroid gland, colds, bursitis in the shoulder or elbow, depression, fear

Th1 — Shoulder, wrist, hand, neck, lower arm, fingers — Shoulder pains, neck cramps, lower arm/hand pains, ligament inflammations, furry feeling in fingers

Th2 — Heart, blood vessels, chest — Heart trouble, disruption in rhythm, fears, chest pain

Th3 — Lung, skin, breasts, chest, mammary gland — Bronchitis, influenza, pleurisy, pneumonia, cough, breathing difficulties, asthma, disruption in chest region

Th4 — Gallbladder, tendons, ligaments — Trouble in gallbladder, gall stones, jaundice, headaches on one side (from the gallbladder meridian)

Th5 — Liver, circulatory system, immune system, tendons, ligaments — Disruptions in liver, low blood, anemia, fatigue, shingles, circulatory weakness, arthritis

Th6 — Stomach, muscles, pancreas — Stomach and digestion problems, heartburn, diabetes

Th7 — Duodenum, stomach, pancreas, muscles — Duodenal ulcers, stomach complaints, hiccups, possible lack of vitamins, feelings of weakness

Th8 — Spleen,, blood, muscles — Spleen problems, weakness in immune system

Th9 — Adrenal gland, — Allergies, nettle rash

Th10 — Kidney, bones — Kidney problems, salt can not get out, chalked-up arteries, chronic tiredness

Th11 — Skin, kidney, urinary track, bones — Skin diseases like acne, spots, eczema, boils, raw skin, psoriasis, (does not drink enough!, needs more liquid)

Th12 — Small intestine, ovary, testicles, blood vessels, circulation — Problems with small intestine, wind, rheumatism, disruption in growth, infertility, errectile dysfunction

L 1 — Large intestine, skin, — Problems with large intestine, disruption in circulation in intestine, blockages, diarrhea, etc., constipation

L 2 — Large bowel, appendix, skin — Problems with appendix, stomach cramps, hyper acidity, varicose veins

L 3 — Bladder, uterus, prostate, knee — Problems during pregnancy, menstruation pains, menopause problems, bladder pain, knee aches - often together with the bladder, impotence, bed-wetting

L 4 — Sigmoid, sciatic nerve, prostate — Sciatica, lumbago, prostate trouble, painful or too frequent urination, (daily massage of buttock muscles!)

L 5 — Rectum, — Circulation problems in leg and feet, cold feet, cramps in the calves, swelling of feet and legs

Sacr — Sacrum, legs, hip, sciatic nerve, crest, buttock, genital organs — Sciatica, abdominal problems, chronic constipation, pains in legs and feet

Ccyx — Anus, — Hemorrhoids, itching of the anus, pain on sitting

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Here is a great Link to a fantastic Interactive Spine Animation:

Vertebra / Chakras / Possible inner problems

C 1Crown — Lacking ‘overall view’, problems with creator, Desire to comprehend everything with one’s head

C 2Third eye — Lacking ‘farsightedness’, does not want to see

C 3Third eye — Connected with next row below

C 4Third eye — Does not want to listen, no firm point of view, Wavering, loses stability, feelings of guilt

C 5Throat — Connected with next row below

C 6Throat — Inability to speak well, unable to bite one’s way Through, lump in throat

C 7Throat — Feels humiliated, suppressed, suffers silent, no defense

Th1Throat — Happily overburdens oneself, shoulders carry a great deal, does everything by oneself, no trust

Th2Heart — Finds it difficult to be loving, locks one’s heart, joyless

Th3Heart — Wants nothing for oneself, puts oneself last, does not Want to breathe deeply, no own opinion

Th4Heart — Inner anger, lets nothing out, single minded, embittered

Th5Solar Plexus — Worries over others, problems with the ‘inner child’, neglects own vital interests, always sad, cries a lot

Th6Solar Plexus — Connected with next row below

Th7Solar Plexus — ‘swallows’ a great deal, lets nothing out, loses oneself in addictions: eating, drinking etc., internal rebelling

Th8Solar Plexus — Worries, rigid, does not surrender to the flow of life

Th9Solar Plexus — Suppresses own aggression, makes accusations, allergic

Th10Solar Plexus — Partnership problems with parents or husband, wife, children, colleagues, neighbours, other people

Th11Solar Plexus — Contact problems, insecurity, fearful, feels weak, afraid

Th12Solar Plexus — Connected with next row below: finds it hard to make a new start, fearful, problems to let go of things in the past

L 1Solar Plexus — e.g. parents, partner, people, animals, places of residence Property, work, career etc.

L 2Solar Plexus — Becomes tense very quickly, feelings of panic

L 3Sacral — Connected with next row below

L 4Sacral — Connected with next row below

L 5Sacral — Sexual problems, lethargy in ‘digesting’ problems, lack of security, feelings of guilt

Sacr Sacral — How do I carry the ‘burden of life’?

CcyxRoot — Lacking connection to ‘Mother Earth’

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NOTE: Never try to use the DORN Method on other people without proper training best conducted by an authorized DORN Method Instructor. Although the DORN Method and the Self Help Exercises are very safe if done correctly, the DORN practitioner is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the application during the manual session and Selfhelp exercises. In any case it is advised to consult your doctor first because health problems and back pains may have other causes than misaligned joints and vertebrae and should be checked by a trained medical doctor or other healthcare professional. The DORN Method has certain Limitations that must be cleared prior to any practical application! Remember: The DORN Method is NO Replacement for any other form of medical or non-medical treatment but it can be a very effective complement in an integrative medical system.

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