The Dorn Method - Introduction

A Yes to Self Responsibility and a No to Back Pain

A holistic, effective, safe and Non-manipulative approach to correct imbalance in the spine and joint-structures and a True Self Help Method!

Note: Dorn Therapy is NOT the same as Dorn Method! » see DORN Method vs Therapy

This international Information Platform is trying to openly present the DORN Method in all its details and therefore offer a free guideline for practitioners and users from all disciplines.

Developed by Dieter Dorn in the late 1970's in the South of Germany, it is slowly becoming a more known approach for Back Pain and many Spinal Disorders in Germany and many other countries.

The DORN Method ist presented under different names like Dornmethod, Dorntherapy, Dorn Spinal Therapy, Dorn-Breuss Method, Dorn-XXname-method and (should) have in its core the same basic principles.

There are supporters of the DORN Method but also critics (see: Dorn controversy) and because it is a free, non-regulated Selfhelp Method and therefore not bound to clear defined rules and regulations, this issue will not change so quickly.

The Method is featured in several books and videos, taught to some manual- and physio-therapy students in elective courses, covered by some private medical insurances and slowly more recognized in general.

However because it is fairly new and not developed by a Medical Professional it is often still considered an alternative Healing Method. The DORN Method must stay free of becoming a registered trademark, following the wish of the Founder Dieter Dorn (†2011) who did NOT execute his sole right to register this Method as his trademark, this Method must become socalled "Folk Medicine".

As of now only licensed Therapists, Non Medical Practitioners (in Germany called Heilpraktiker = Healing Practitioners with Government recognition), Physical Therapists or Medical Doctors are authorized to practice with government license thus restricting the posibility that people help each other based only on laws that allegedly protect the public!

But because the DORN Method is meant to be a True Self Help Method all other (= non medical) DORN Method Practitioners like Health-Coaches or talented lay healers can legally help others by sharing it in this way.

Many Courses however are held by Non Medical People, but with long Experience and Expertise as Health Consultants and Coaches.

There seems to help in the development of a somewhat liberal and changing attitude of governing authorities and recognized educational Institutions with more acceptance towards the DORN Method, a necessary change in modern times.

The independant governing body was an association of around 130 authorized Dorn Method Instructors establishing rules and regulations, guidelines and listings in the (former Dorn-Forum) and Information platforms like:,,

The official german non-profit DORN association (since 2015) with the name "Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Dorn Bewegung e.V." (= DORN Movement), is now starting to coordinate the DORN movement in germany and international (worldwide) by establishing guidelines and the possibility to become an approved DORN pratitioner / instructor through their rules, regulations, exams and directory presented at:

German DORN Practitioner / Instructor Directories: /

International DORN Directory: International Dorn Method Practitioner Directory (more information also here on this website)

A regular DORN Congress is held by a team of DORN Instructors and guided by the german DORN Movement (association) is a well visited event with many lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions all around the DORN Method. (

Outside of Germany there are already (however not enough!) authorized DORN Method Instructors but the numbers are growing as the DORN Method becomes more widely recognized in other parts of the world.

New Organizations and Information Platforms with Practitioner Directories like this website and the DMTA, Dorn Method Therapist Association UK ( and the DMAA, Dorn Method Academy of Australia ( are encouraging Dorn Practitioners to coordinate their work and agree on a Code of Ethics and Conduct.

» Please check also the Dorn Codex (Dorn Method Code of Ethics and Conduct) on this website.

Open Minded People in Key positions like Government, Health departments, Universities and Conventional Medical Institutions start to accept the undeniable value of the DORN Method and help to speed up the acceptance procedure and later surely the licensing procedure for the faster and better benefit of the general public.
The number of DORN Method Practitioners is steadily growing and will help people to cope with one of the most common ailments of modern times: Back Pain! and many other health disorders alike.

Your Help in this - Mission - is highly appreciated. Share DORN and make the Difference now!


Thomas Zudrell, MD(AM), Health-Coach, International Dorn Method Instructor

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