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As an osteopath who already treated spinal misalignments, The Dorn Method had a huge impact on my practice, because it gave me the tools to address spinal misalignments in a gentle non-invasive way.

Wayne Sibson, Osteopath, WA

As a Integrative Healthcare Practitioner and Naturopath I see many health problems and back pain is one that I see most frequently. So frequently I decided to study Chiropractic. However when I discovered the Dorn Method two things happened, I found a safe, effective non-manipulative therapy for back pain and I discontinued my Chiropractic Studies. The Dorn method is a compensive system that treats patients on all levels

Jason Mallia IMD ND Dr.Sc (NSW) Australia

Regio Sales, MD, Bacolod writes:

1. MP 53/female with generalized pain in multiple joints particularly in the lower back & legs which causes her to drag her left leg when climbing & going down stairs. The pain also cause elevation in blood pressure for which she was only given pain relievers and antihypertensive medication. After 1 Dorn session she already doesn't drag her leg when using the stairs. And her pains were significantly reduced. This also caused decrease in her blood pressure.

2. BR 35/female with excruciating low back, buttock and right leg pain which has caused her insomnia for about 2weeks. She already underwent several physical therapy sessions and given steroids but these only afforted slight and temporary relief. After 1 Dorn session she could already sleep better with the pain reduced to only about 30%.

3. BM 63/female with difficulty breathing. She noticed that she cannot do deep breathing for about 2 months. She already tried traditional massage but this didn't afford any relief. After 1 Dorn session she could breathe easily and more deeply.

4. KL 18/male asthmatic with attacks of asthma occurring more frequent in the month prior to consult. After 1 Dorn session the attacks became less frequent and less severe.

The Dorn Method Technique is a system which stands alone. I have been using it to ALL of my patients with SCOLIOSIS. It has brought relief caused by muscle spasm, and correction of curvature to significant degrees. Its home exercise program has been easily followed by my patients. Thank you to Dr Thomas Zudrell, who is an excellent teacher in this wonderful technique. His simplified way of teaching had made things more digestible to my inquisitive mind. By the way, the Spynamics Sacro Aligner had sustained the corrections that we were able to attain in one of my patients. I was surprised to know that her joints and the surrounding muscles had maintained its flexibility. On a physical therapist point of view, I highly recommend this form of treatment.


College of Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Santo Tomas

Research Staff
Center for Research and Movement Science
University of Santo Tomas

I am Glicerio A. Merina,
a therapist of Vertebrae in Bio-Safe Health Management. I was taught by Thomas Zudrell, Instructor of Dorn-Method last September 2004. This amazing therapy really perform miracles to my patients from Ages 2 1/2 to 93 years old. It improves a lot of conditions like sciatica, slipped disc, scoliosis, kyphotic, cervical spondylotic syndrome, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, hand numbness, etc.. Some of my patients have consulted different specialist even seek remedy to the faith healer, vernacular name "albularyo", because other think "kinulam sila". Through this wonderful skill that God entrusted to me, it really benefited me, my family and a lot of people. And as long as there are people who needs this kind of treatment, I will continue to share it through the best that I can and for the greater glory of God.

In my opinion, Dorn Method is an excellent alternative health care, especially in dealing with Pain Management. It is just a simple technique, but has a tremendous effect on physical well-being, terrific on Back and Spinal Problems.

Delfin Ramirez, Licensed Massage Teacher, Healthmaster Acupressure and Reflexology Center

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5***** Rating on Amazon about The DORN Method
It works! I am lifting, hauling for over 1 mile daily and this method keeps me aligned, feelkign freat!
By Mary I. Oliveram 10. April 2017 - Posted on
I do not know if this is the true Dorn Method by Thomas Zudrell. I bought his device and booklet, training years ago.

He has MANY free training videos on YouTube, and more videos and free booklets on his website.

I moved to a new apartment in Dec., 2016 due to toxins in our old building. The new apartment has 3 flights of stairs. I experienced a neck injury caused by dishonest chiropractors in Worcester, MA, Highland street... in Oct., 2009. Many terrible side effects; vertigo, wandering eye, astigmatism, partial blindness, loss of much function in right arm. Too many problems to list here.

It is becoming more and more known that the chiropractic field has many dishonest doctors, they have caused a variety of injuries and death, Often stroke. Celebrities and many other people have created videos on YouTube... to state their experiences.

There are safer alternatives to chiropractic, and other forms of chiropractic that are safer.

The Dorn Method is one I found that always improves, maintains my health. I used it to help align misaligned vertebrae in the spine. The Dorn instructor is honest, he told me to avoid using the Dorn device on my neck, because my neck was SO impaired, injured by the past bad chiropractors. So; I used his device on other areas of the spine with benefit and also did his many different movements, positions... It helped heal my injuries

I run a school and had to place all my books, tools in storage. Moving broke me financially. I had to walk over a mile daily hauling one box of 60 at a time home, and up the stairs. Yesterday I was trying to work in another storage place in Spencer; I suddenly felt all wobbly, hard to keep balance. It was from too much lifting... and weather changes affecting the injuries. Also felt like my bones, muscles were out of alignment. I used the Dorn device and 4 of his other practices, movements. It worked! In about 1 hour I was back to normal. Today I went about 2 miles and could easily haul heavy bottles of water, other things. My energy also increased. And relaxation! Mind is positive, confident; "in control!"

Thomas Zudrell is one of the few honest chiropractors that apply a much safer method. I have never been harmed by it. Much of the method you can do yourself after studying it. His booklets are in color with much detail, pictures! Download all the free stuff. I recommend buying his entire course. Preserve it!

A example; My sacrum goes out of alignment sometimes after a lot of lifting. I use a method Dorn teaches; knee of one leg up, put palm of hand on same side on top back of leg, push in and pull hand up on that area, into the bottom... of the butt above that leg as you unbend the knee and place the foot back on the floor. Then; do the other side/leg.
When I do this I sometimes feel a neck bone also align naturally, on it's own. (See the exact directions on his website, video before trying.)

Thomas Zudrell says: Thank you for this comment but it is your own actions that help not me I only provide the information.

I had been having on-and-off back pains for several years until I came across the Dorn Method of spinal alignment. During my treatment, I learned that my right leg was slightly longer than my left and performed a simple maneuver to equalize the discrepancy. The therapist then proceeded to work on my back from my pelvis all the way up to my neck until all the individual vertebrae were back in alignment. I immediately noticed a significant improvement after just one session. I also took my wife for treatment after she developed progressive tingling and numbness in her arm after playing badminton. Her condition gradually returned to normal after just one session. I am convinced that the Dorn Method is a safe and effective means of treating various muscular-skeletal disorders.

Angel M. Gomez, MD

After just one treatment, my lower back pain for more than 10 years is Gone! Migraine is gone too; from now onward I can heal my body Myself. Thanks Thomas, excellent method! Let more people know about Dorn and benefit from it.

Mrs. Thelmy T.

The Dorn Treatment for all types of spinal column or back problems, which was introduced in the Philippines in 2004 by German national, Thomas Zudrell, is rather unique.
Unlike the traditional Chiropractic technique, in which the patient is passive, the Dorn Method requires him or her to be active and in motion while spinal adjustment is being made.
I found instant relief from lower back pain after Dorn treatment. However, one has to have the discipline to practice the exercises at home to have lasting benefits from the technique.

JAIME T. LICAUCO, President, Inner Mind Development Institute, Writer, Lecturer, Newspaper Columnist and, Radio Anchorman

I’ve been suffering from a leg & hip pain when I consulted a health professional. After an x-ray and MRI tests were done, I was diagnosed with slipped disc. My orhto surgeon told me to undergo a physical therapy session, but there was no progress. I had six sessions. Finally, my doctor told me to undergo an operation. It would cost about P80,000. I did not follow my doctor recommendation; instead I looked for other alternative therapies.
Fortunately, Mr. Zudrell he introduced and explained to me the Dorn method/therapy and invited me to visit their health clinic. All in all, I just had 4 sessions and the pains were gone. Now, I can walk straight with out experiencing pain. However, I continue to do the exercises suggested by Mr. Zudrell. I highly recommend the Dorn method for the treatment of slipped disc and other spine related pains.

Domingo “Doms” O. Llagas, Account Manager, 38 years old

It started on October 13, 2004. A slight discomfort on your lower back, you sleep thinking it will get better tomorrow, you awaken only to realize you can hardly move. Any slight movement triggers spasms the likes of which you thought were never possible, excruciating pain, like someone kicked your back you can hardly move, to walk to the bathroom it takes 20 minutes, to shower it takes an hour all done with the slowest movements to avoid spasms, you cant sleep straight cause you cant move much, you cant eat well cause you cant even sit up. I was like this for two months not to mention the countless visits to my orthopedic surgeon, 8 sessions with a chiropractor, 35 sessions with an acupuncturist for pain management, manghihilots and acupressure therapy, none of whom knew why i had the spasms, I was beginning to doubt if I would ever lead a normal life again, then I met Thomas Zudrell who was advocating the DORN METHOD, a realigning of the joints from the neck down to the ankles, after just 1 session i saw a marked difference and had only 2 follow up sessions after that, now my life is pretty much as it was before my injury, a real life saver.


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NOTE: Never try to use the DORN Method on other people without proper training best conducted by an authorized DORN Method Instructor. Although the DORN Method and the Self Help Exercises are very safe if done correctly, the DORN practitioner is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the application during the manual session and Selfhelp exercises. In any case it is advised to consult your doctor first because health problems and back pains may have other causes than misaligned joints and vertebrae and should be checked by a trained medical doctor or other healthcare professional. The DORN Method has certain Limitations that must be cleared prior to any practical application! Remember: The DORN Method is NO Replacement for any other form of medical or non-medical treatment but it can be a very effective complement in an integrative medical system.


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