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The Dorn Method
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The Dorn Method – Course Information


Learn the Dorn (Therapy) Method


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The Training to learn the BASIC DORN METHOD so you can successful and safely apply it as Self Help and Helping others is usually done in a two day intensive Hands on Seminar.

This is an Intensive Two Day Dorn Method Seminar, with plenty of hands-on experience learning the fundamentals of the Dorn Method techniques.

The focus will be more towards the practical application of The Dorn Method (80% of the workshop) with necessary theoretical aspects.

The workshop usually also includes a solid introduction to the Breuss Massage which is a complementary aspect to the Dorn Method treatment.

After the workshop you will be able to successfully and safely apply the Dorn (Therapy) Method on yourself and other people*. (* Please note: This 2 day Seminar may not be sufficient to work with the Dorn Method on a professional level!
If someone wants to use the Dorn Method as a professional therapist usually other therapeutic knowledge is required and a longer experience in applying the Dorn Method as well as a license or a registered business depending on the country of residence!)

» For professional therapists a participation in an advanced Dorn Method Training Seminar is strongly recommended! (Min. 1 day seminar!)

Advanced training not only allows a professional review of the basic skills but give an in depth knowledge in the theoretical apspects as well as some new and more advanced practical application to allow a confident therapeutical use of the Dorn Method.

» A review seminar or advanced training is also required to be listed in the international directory on this site or the directory of the


Note: It is Not possible to do a successful basic and advanced training in just 2 days! Although 2 day training periods may be sufficient for a basic learning and careful non professional application a serious therapist must gain professional experience through guided learning in practice days, review workshops or advanced courses in combination with actual patient experience during daily work. Be careful and selective when encountering Dorn Method training and therapy offers that are presented with questionable promises that sound too good to be real. Always check the background and experience of the Instructor or therapist first and feel free to report us negative experiences.


The workshop contents cover:


Total time required is usually about 18 hours (2 Days).

The workshop includes a certificate or diploma but is not a license to practice!

The student may get additional Materials like Manual, DVD's, e-books, posters etc., depending on the Instructor and place of training.

After the Seminar continuing Guidance should be offered (e.g. Helping with actual patients, Telephone or e-mail consultation, or refreshment workshops etc) by professional Dorn Method Instructors.


Additional Information:


Also it is required (in most countries) that every Dorn Method Therapist who works on a professional level must have a valid license as Massage Therapist, PT or similar or work under direct supervision / license of a (best Dorn Method trained) Medical Professional like MD, DC, DO, PT, MT etc.

A Dorn Method Practitioner may work as Wellness Practitioner or Health Coach but must apply the Dorn Method for the purpose of teaching Self Help / Self Therpay to the client and not as therapy.

For further Info on this please contact Thomas Zudrell.


More Course / Seminar information:

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Become a Dorn Method Instructor:


Dorn Method Instructor Seminars can be attended after 2 years of being listed as therapist and require proof of experience (minimum several hundred patients), attendance of (best) several seminars as assistant, conducted by an authorized Dorn Method Instructor and usually a special Instructor workshop.

Dorn Method Instructors are independant and do not need to be members of professional associations or pay franchise fees etc. but it is recommended that a professional background in their eduction and a lineage to Dieter Dorn or Dieter Dorn trained Instructors is documented.

Instructors that certify other Instructors must ensure this proper conduct of professionalism.



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