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Here you find some Information about the Dorn Method and different Health conditions


The Dorn Method may not be a cure for all but can establish an important foundation for our body to start a healing process


The Dorn Method should be among the base treatments before other approaches because an aligned structure is the prerequisite for a balnced nerve flow.


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The Dorn Method – Scoliosis


Scoliosis what is it and how it can be treated?

scoliosisScoliosis is a very common condition that affects around ten percent of the human population although many are not even aware of it.

When we look at the Spinal Column from the side we should see some curvatures that are called lordosis and kyphosis which contributes to the great flexibility and strength of it. When we look at the Spine from the back it should not show any curvature and must be in a straight line.
If we develop a side curvature there then this is called scoliosis.

Most curvatures form a kind of ‘S’, meaning the Spine curves first to one side at the lower part and then goes into a curvature towards the other side at a higher segment of the Spine.

About 90% have a scoliosis that curves to the left at the lower back and then to the right side at a higher Spinal Segment.
The reason for this is not totally clear but some medical professionals suggest that it has to do with the unbalanced use of our hands which is mainly on the right side with right handed persons and vice versa.

A Scoliosis most likely also produces associated problems like Pain and general tension but may not give the person any trouble at all.

Surely in any case the Spine is not in a balance and will have some negative effect on our body sooner or later.

In many cases the cause is unknown or at least not totally clear and it is even assumed that it may be inherited because other family members also have or had the same condition.

The science of the ‘Dorn Method’ however may have found an answer to why we develop scoliosis and how we can treat or even avoid it.

It starts already at birth:

Due to the traumatic actions at birth our joints in hip and sacrum can be brought out of their proper alignment and because human are not like animal that immediately start to stand up stretch and move their body in order to arrange the position of the bones and joints, we humans are often held upside down on our feet in certain tests and habits after birth and then placed into a laying position where we stay for month.

Any existing misalignment then not only goes undetected but also uncorrected.

This leads to a difference in leg length that can be found in almost all people and already in most babies. That in turn leads to a twisting and tilting of the pelvis and a misalignment of the sacrum which is the foundation of the spine. Because there are now two different positions of head and pelvis the Spine in-between can no longer stay straight it simply is forced to adjust to that condition and shifting of single vertebrae or curvatures like scoliosis develop.
Fast the system of bones, ligaments and muscles reacts and makes that imbalance of the Spine a chronic and somewhat permanent condition. Gravity and un-even or not balanced movements then aggravate the condition over time.
In this state even a change in the position of hip and sacrum, which can occur naturally sometimes, may not lead to an improvement of the curvature however the correct positioning of hip and sacrum is the most important thing that needs to be done in order to correct a curvature of the spine.

So a scoliosis is not a disease it is a natural adjustment reaction of our body and therefore in many cases reversible! But that requires the knowledge and discipline of the patient to change or do whatever is required for that condition. But with a little patience it can be done!

It is a process in several steps: First the avoidance of wrong things (Positions, movements etc) then the correct therapy (The Dorn Therapy!) and the correct Self Help Exercises for Patient After Care to give the body the necessary time to re-align. The Dorn Method is the only Method that incorporates this ‘Trinity’ and that is why it is an effective and safe Manual Therapy for Scoliosis.

Beside the physical causes one has to have a closer look into some possible Non-physical causes or by-causes that usually affects the condition of our Spine as well.


Treatment of Scoliosis using the principles of the Dorn Method


1. Avoidance of contributing factors

2. Therapy

3. Self-Help / Self-Therapy


Caution: A detailed description or recommendations for individual cases is beyond the scope of this website / article and has to be done on a personal consultation and may vary depending on the individual situation.


Conventional Medicine often has very limited answers for Scoliosis. Patients are left alone with the advice that nothing can be done until the Scoliosis has reached a level when surgery is recommended or the patient is squeezed into Non-Flexible Braces in the hope that this will slow down the scoliotic development.

The Dorn Method has a more active approach to actually attempt to reverse the onset of a scoliosis.

Realizing the importance of avoiding and preventing contributing causes it tries to achieve a reversal by encouraging re-alignment during the therapy and stabilizing and progressing further alignment by implementing self-therapy with specifically designed exercises that actually simulate the actions done during the therapy.

If this is done regularly enough and over a sufficient long period of time the body is basically forced or encouraged to react and will usually start to re-build itself towards the better alignment.

In complement with other therapies, partner work (family therapy), self therapy tools and exercises a visible change can be achieved in a surprisingly short time.

It should be assumed that if the body shows a clear and visible improvement during a Dorn Therapy, then a daily and long term approach involving the recommended factors is likely to have a successful outcome.

Practitioner experiences and private clinical studies with the Dorn Method suggest a possible improvement of idiopathic scoliosis of up to 10 or even more degrees (Cobb) per year of application. (Several Treatments in the beginning followed by regularly monthly sessions and daily self therapy)

The development of any scoliosis should be supervised by Medical Professionals and surgery in some cases where Life is threatened must be considered as a last possibility.

It would be best if public awareness about the importance of spinal alignment could be increased and parents are trained to check their children from an early age for any sign of structural disturbances including scoliosis.

An open minded attitude on the side of conventional medicine and an acceptance of the logical and natural approach of the Dorn Method that must be integrated into the classical approach will slowly but surely come with the increasing popularity of the Dorn Method due to its great success.


Please note the photo of a teenager (female, 15) and see the visible improvement:


scoliosis comparison picture

Above picture: The Muscular Imbalance and the curvature are clearly visible on the left photo and the improvement of both is also clearly noticeable on the right photo.

» This change was achieved within only one hour of Dorn Therapy!



NOTE: Never try to use the DORN METHOD on other people without proper training conducted by an authorized DORN METHOD Seminar Lecturer.
Although the Dorn Method and the Self Help Exercises are very safe if done correctly, there can be No Liability on the Authors Side for any consequences resulting from the application of the Method and Exercises.
In any case it is advised to consult your doctor first because health problems and back pains may have other causes than misaligned joints and vertebrae and should be checked by a trained medical doctor.
The Dorn Method has certain Limitations that must be cleared prior to any treatment!

Remember: The DORN METHOD is NO Replacement for any other form of medical or non-medical treatment but it  can be a very effective supplement!



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